Durfort, circulade médiévale


St-Hippolyte-du-Fort au pied de la Marianne


sur la route vers les Cévennes


Cros blotti au creux de son vallon

Col de Fosses à Colognac

Le Col des Fosses au-dessus de Colognac

Durfort, St Thomas

Ruine de St Thomas de la Souche, ancienne église paroissiale de Durfort


porte des Cévennes

St-André de Conqueyrac

La chapelle romane St-André à Conqueyrac

La plaine de Pompignan

Les premiers contreforts des Cévennes depuis la plaine de Pompignan

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The Piémont Cévenol Region

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The Salindrenque Valley, the Cevennes uplands

A region of Protestantism, resistance, refuge and secrect worship, the Cevennes embodies a harsh and beautiful landscape of liberty. In order to grow vines, olive trees, chestnut trees, blackberry bushes, the people of the Cevennes have had to build, sculpt and tame this landscape, working in harmony with water and stone. The droves, ancient tracks used to drive livestock up to summer grazing pastures, today provide pleasant paths for ramblers to discover our rich and diverse heritage. Here, the Sweet Chestnut ‘Bread-fruit tree’, the blackberry bush, ‘Golden tree’ are witnesses of the region’s prosperous era of silk proudction.

Between Vine and Scrubland

The Causse of Pompignan is only a stone’s throw away from the Tower of Durfort.

In this region of scrubland everything looks similar, yet on this limestone plateau there is an unexpected treasure hidden under each stone. Every village here is like a white stone along the path of the rambler.

Comment venir chez nous

En voiture, en car, en train, par avion ou en taxi, tous les moyens de venir sur le territoire du Piémont Cévenol.

Accès et transports

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