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Enjoy the moments…  Imagine, in the South of France, at the foot of the Cevennes, between Nimes – Montpellier and Ales, unspoilt landscapes crossed by the Vidourle River. Take time to discover the South, around the Piémont Cévenol, with its vineyards, timeless villages and typical markets, this guide can assists you in preparing your trip and allows you to choose the accomodation that suits you. Welcome to the South!

Our Villages

Piémont Cévenol, is made up of 34 typical villages. Depending on the paths you will follow or the roads you will take, each of them will tell you a different story.

Natural Sites

The Piémont Cévenol offers an amazing mosaique of colours and natural beauty. The variety on offer in this region is really surprising. From the scrubland to the Cevennes mountains, you can change scenery within a few kilometers.

Natural heritage

At the bend of a road, a river or a path, discover preserved sites and the small heritage which mark out our territory: mas, wash-houses or bread ovens, churches, temples, castles … elements reflecting the past activities of our region.


Discover past traditions and let yourself be told of ancestral knowledge in our two emblematic sites ofPiemont Cevenol: the Silk Museum and thePitchfork Conservatory

Arts & Crafts

Our land of legend and mystery is a source of inspiration for creators : the landscapes, the naturalsite, the light, feed the imagination of the artists and craftsmen who have chosen to settlehere.